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Here are the top ten articles for the Senior Issues Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. Give Love. Receive Love. Repeat.
This article discusses the need for love in the lives of older adults. Often older adults allow themselves to be exploited so that they will not be alone. This article encourages older adults to love themselves. Also to give and receive love regularly in order to enjoy the highest quality of life.

2. What Gogin Taught Me
This article shares a story about the impact that a loving person can have in the life of a child; it encourages the reader to consider being a loving person in the life of someone that needs it.

3. Take the First Step to a Better Life
2018 is nearly halfway gone! Are you happy with how the year has gone? Do you want a do-over? Learn how taking a couple of simple steps can help you do map out a plan for a better, happier life.

4. Let's Talk About Life Support - Ventilators
Is keeping someone alive on a ventilator the kindest choice?

5. Forest Bathing for Seniors
This article encourages seniors to try forest bathing and nature bathing to increase a sense of well-being and relieve stress. Seniors are given ideas on the different ways to nature bathe if they can't easily forest bathe.

6. Protect Your Home from Predators
This article shares when and how seniors often end up losing their equity or even their homes to predators, and how to protect themselves.

7. Does Your Support Empower or Weaken?
It can be harmful to give adult children everything they want. They can become dependent, and even abusive against the parents that give them everything.

8. The Magic of Soup
Soup is more than a water or broth based dish. Learn the magic and possibilities that homemade soup can bring!

9. Downsizing Made Easier
This article offers some simple, straightforward advice on how to make downsizing easier. Learn about the power of a using a checklist. Get ideas of how to avoid crowding out your new home with unneeded items. Learn why those that are downsizing should avoid renting storage units for convenience.

10. Time to ReFIRE!
Bring in the new year your way! Here are tips on how to bring new life and energy into your life. Don't retire - reFIRE!

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